Friday, 30 September 2011

I can't keep it up.

It's so obvious I need a blog, as I need an outlet for my moaning and ridiculous opinions on life, however its becoming fairly evident I am absolutely useless I keeping one going...

May actually try to go back to this one? I can't be bothered to make a whole new email address, just so I can create a new blog, totally disconnected to this one, so i'll just continue to ramble on, and pretend its new.

It was literally almost a year ago since I wrote in this, during which time much has happened. I finish my A levels, coming out with BBB. Not too shabby. Though i'm kicking myself now, as i'm experiencing a classic case of "damn, I could have definitely tried harder, and i'd be sitting here with A's.." So i've put in for a re-take to do one of my exams, so hopefully i'll come out with ABB.

I decided to take the plunge and have a gap year. It's early day, but to be totally honest i'm already regretting that decision. So far I have no plans, and i've discovered that its very difficult to organise any sort of travelling, as realistically you have to book through a company, which costs lots, etc.etc.

I'm working at Costa, which is a step up from Mcdonalds, though i'm still not totally happy. The store I work in is always hideously busy, and we have very few staff, making the whole experience stressful and exhausting. I don't plan on spending my year working in a coffee shop, which means i'm going to have to start the process of looking for a new job all over again. Though i'm not sure what i'm looking for to be honest.

I'm still with my boyfriend. We've had our bumps along the way, but finally we're approaching our year anniversary. Things are looking good for the moment, though i've found many less than desirable qualities to him, I can't help but love him. I'm lucky to have found someone I can honestly say i've fallen for.

I'm not overly happy with life as a whole at the moment. I feel slightly trapped, in the sense that, as i'm on a gap year, the whole world should really be my oyster, but i'm always working, and the small amount of spare time I have is spend seeing friends/boyfriend. I just don't know what i'm doing, and frankly I can't wait for these next 11 months to be over, so I can go to university and start living my life again. I'm so jealous of everyone who went this year.

Thats it for now, though I have a good feeling about keeping this up, for once.

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