Saturday, 17 April 2010

Third Time Lucky.

I went to my "third ever" audition today. For a film called "Believe."
FINALLY an audition that went well! Ok, it was an open call, so theres still a pretty big chance I didn't get a call-back, but the thing i'm really proud of, is the face that I walked in & didn't feel my leg buckling or struggle to talk because i'm absolutely crapping myself!
So finally, i've overcome the "audition nerves"
YAY! - But I wont actually find out if i've got a chance or not until mid-May... so only time will tell!
It really made me consider how much I sucked on the first audition I went too, I mean, seriously, I was actually sweating I was so nervous! I mean, I forgot all my lines.. it was bad... I still think I could have done better in this audition, but it's a hell of a lot better than the others have been, so it was still pretty nifty :)

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