Monday, 19 April 2010

Step Back.

Emailed an acting agency a couple of days ago, basically begging (in professional sounding terms, of course) to join their agency. Made the stupid mistake of being honest and saying I didn't have any professional experience.

I got "really, as your age we couldn't consider you."

Are you even aware of how difficult it is to actually get auditions without an agent?! & secondly, being 17 (fairly young, can only just drive & have sex, no booze or fags allowed, therefore still definately a "child") my mum isn't exactly prepared to march up to London with me, I have college committments, and she's only just started trusting me to the extend that she'll let me bugger off my myself!

I can't bloody win! I mean, are they serious?! 17! Ok, i'f i'd have turned around at 21 & said "sorry, no professional experience" fair enough. But i'm not even out of college yet! Barely even out of school! You get an agent to help get you work!

Christ! I really wish I just wanted to be an accountant. It would probably be a hell of a lot easier to get into. Nobody actually gives a shit about you. The most rediculous thing is that no one is even prepared to give you a chance, everyone wants "experience" but, how exactly do you gain experience if no one will even give you a bloody audition!?

Argh, FML

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