Saturday, 12 June 2010

It's Been a While.

Arghh life has been busy! But now my exams are over, so therefore everything can go back to the way it's suppost to be!
Most of my friends are born in the summer months, which is especially irritating right now as I haven't been able to work much lately because of exam commitments, therefore i'm fairly skint. Plus, not only do I have to pay for their presents, but I also have to pay to go out to different places.
SO! It begins! We went out to Nandos & then back to her house for drinks:
I wore this:
Fairly unimaginative i'll admit, but she'd told us to "look slightly dressy, but not over the top" - so this is what I went for.
(Excuse facial expression, I think I was mid-sentence)

Roll on the summer! I need more nights like this! However, I also need more money, so actually, roll on pay day!

I'm Wearing: Shorts: Miss Selfridge Top: Topshop


  1. Nando's is definitely the best thing that's happened round here for a while. We need Topman to open so that I have somewhere to buy jumpers from!

  2. I went in today! And yesterday....
    Just so you know, I tagged you in my last post (: xo

  3. Love this look, the loose shirt and high waisted shorts is a look I'm deof gonna go for in the summer! :)


  4. Nice group of girls :D
    Come into my blog if you want ;)