Saturday, 5 June 2010

General Riff-Raff.

Everythings been pretty busy lately!
What with exams, my new (eek!) gym membership, work & the tragic loss of Lost in my life, things have been pretty crazy around here.

Firstly, lets start with exams:
So far, i've had my "real" Politics one, which actually went well, I think.. I think the 25 marker wasn't fantastic, but the 40 mark was good, so it balance it slightly. My re-sit was without a doubt better than the origional test, so i'm pleased I re-sat that one. My drama exams have both been good. Our group piece "Cagebirds" was probably the best we've ever done it... but it wasn't for me. I just didn't gel with my character, and my teacher was being such a knob. So that was merely ok. My monologue was really good though, the audience laughed, and nothing went wrong. So fingers crossed for an "A" there.

As my exams are now drawing to a close, I figured it's now time to join the gym! So I did! I'm going to Portugal with my skinny-as-a-rake friend Bronwyn, so I need to do some serious toning up/starving myself until back to my former, firm size 8 self. Shops irritate me so much, in some places i'm an 8, then obviously i'll be deliriously happy for a few hours, and most likely will reward myself with food (I know, how rediculous) but if it's a 10.. it's ok. No biggy.. but for some crazy reason, like, if it's a pair of skinny jeans & they're cut really, really small and I have to put on a.. s-s-size.. 12. It's the end. The thing is, some people really pull off a size 12/14 look, because they're curvey, but I am not! I have absolutely no boobs whatsoever, i'm just a lazy bum with an untoned tum! (aha! ;) )

Ok, rant over! Onto Lost.. what an amazing show! But how sad! I'm a little dissapointed in "The End" - I mean, why did they all have to be dead? To me, that made no logical sense, and seemed like a cop-out to avoid answering all the unanswered questions. It was nice to see the origional cast together again before they "moved on" but.. I don't know.. It left me feeling hollow..  because when Kate, Sawyer, Clair, Lepetus & Miles got on that plane, I thought i'd at least only have the loss of Jack to mourne, but no, everyones bloody dead.

So basically, thats been it lately. I now work 4 hours on Sunday as well at Topshop, which brings in a little extra cash. We've employed the most gorgeous boy.. Yum! Tonight, i'm off out for my friends birthday, were going to get a little drunk, before venturing off to Nandos to eat chicken!


This is a picture from the other night of me (left) and my friend Beth, basically showing our absolute adoration for cats!

Night all!

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  1. love your blog! you are very pretty :)