Sunday, 23 May 2010

I've Stepped Right Outta the 90s

It's all about the 90's at the moment! For which, I am proud to say I experienced! Even though I was just a wee mite... & I skipped the first two years, but hey, the 90's were IT.
I just joined a group of facebook "you know you were a British 90's kid if..." & it's wierd how much I can relate too.. things have changed a lot in 10 years. I think we still had it good when I was a kid, CBBC was still really good, it wasn't all about the Disney Chanel. We played games like Spyro & Crash Bandicoot.. they're completely harmless, just a bit of fun for the kids. Pokemon anyone? Trading cards at lunch time was actually so much fun! Or playing on our Tamigotchi!
I was born in a time when Sunny D was still unhealthy :) & damn it, I can STILL rap the Fresh Prince of Bell Air! Finally, i'm old enough to see a trend come back into fashion: Jelly sandals! My first high heels!

Going off on one there slightly, I miss being young. Life was so simple.
Anywho, I took some photos today, which, wierdly remind me of the 90's!


Shirt: Topshop Shorts: Levi's (cut offs, from ebay) Hat: New Look Converse: Ebay

So much stuff is happening right now, i'm at that whole "every decision you make at the moment, will effect the rest of your life" faze, and it's getting a little tiresome. It's exciting though. Earlier, I was thinking, in 18 months, i'll be done with college, maybe at university studying acting (I hope!) In London, idealy. Or, i'll be somewhere around the world... but theres no way of knowing just yet.
I think this is the first time in my life where I guenuinly have no idea where i'll be next year. I've always known before, because it's simple: The next year up in school. But this year is different. Yes, i'll be up a year in sixth form, but then we leave.
Exciting stuff eh :)


  1. perfect outfit for a summers day!

  2. Oh this post has just majorly made me reminisce, my first shoes were high heeled silver jellies and I looved them hehe love the high top converse with the denim shorts such a cool look :)


    oh and ps now following :)

  3. Ahh thankyou! :)
    Yeah, I miss being little & not having to worry about buying expensive black heels! I was quite happy with my little see-through ones!


  4. Ohhhh god i miss the 90's! especially all the pokemon cards I had... huuuuge big folder of them. Trading special cards :P

    love the plaid :D