Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Most Beautiful Men in the World.

I'll admit, this is slightly pointless, but last night I was laying in bed thinking about it, because i've been single for a while now, and thought "well, maybe I can determine my "type" from this list..."

The gorgeous Josh Holloway! (Sawyer in "Lost")

A young Leonardo Dicaprio. At his best in "The Beach" if you've seen in. But still pretty amazing in Titanic.

Last but certainly not least, Johnny Depp. To be honest, I find him sexiest as a pirate, but posting a picture of Jack Sparrow on here may be considered "wierd."

- Also worth a note is Viggo Mortenson in "Lord of the Rings" But I literally only like him in that, and sadly did not qualify!

These are in no order, simply the way in which they came up on my photobucket.
I'd say i'm into rugged looks, slightly older men... not of this shaved head bravardo. I like a man with hair. Maybe a little "bad ass" but with a seemingly sweet streak in them - none of the "squeeky clean" crap. Oh, and it would appear I prefer actors to men of any other profession!

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  1. wow, i love johnny depp and angelina jolie too. the films you've listed as your favs are also among many of my favourites. i'm glad i've seen this, nice to know someone likes the things i do.