Sunday, 4 July 2010

Summer Must Do's!

Ahh it's been a while.. but i've been incredibly busy. And have run out of money completely to buy anything remotely nice. I have however bought two dress/top type-things, which, when I eventually get a spare moment, I will take photos and post!
The weather here has been beautiful lately, my frankly, I should hope so! Considering it's now July! I've even got myself a slight English-tan.
The gym is going well, my friend actually commented today "your stomach looks like it's getting flatter!" - I nearly cried with happiness!
So  yeah, here's my "things to do" list, for the summer!

  • Pick my 5 universities I want to go too.
  • Write a kick-ass personal statement.
  • Go to London for "vintage shopping"
  • Work. A lot.
  • Save £200 - £300 towards the "Figi Fund,"
  • Open up a specific savings account for the "Figi Fund."
  • Try to go on a daytrip to Paris.. if I have enough money.
  • Live at the gym.
  • Re-teach myself some basic Spanish, and go on from there.
  • Pass my bloody driving test.
  • Achieve astonishing tanning results au naturel.


  1. Aghh I matched 3 out of your 5 :) I will defo be going London shopping, have just been looking at Eurostar day tickets aaaand have spent the last few weeks attempting to tan au naturel! (although have given up on the last one already). Congrats on being dedicated with the gym though!


  2. I cannot tell you how much I hate ucas.....
    And I'd like to pass my driving test too! Second time lucky on Thursday...

  3. Good luck Rebecca! It will be my second-time-lucky sometime in August, when I can actually be bothered to re-book!

    & Charly, great minds think alike! :) Finger crossed for a cheap (ish) trip to Paris!