Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Exams, Performances, Driving Test & Work.

Right now, you could argue that my life is a wee bit stressful.
The a-level time is upon me, and sadly i've been neglecting the revision slightly.. choosing instead to spend my time learning lines for my drama a level. (A week tomorrow, btw.)
Were doing a play called "Cagebirds" if you've ever seen it. I play "The Twitting." Lucky me. Because the dialogue is so spaced out, and the cues are really odd, and generally hard to remember, i've left learning my lines until the last minute.. bad choice, it would seem. I know most of them, theres just a monologue at the end i'm having trouble with. So thats next Wednesday... kill me now.
THEN I have my monologue, which i'm not too worried about right now. I'm trying a new tactic where I do things in "hurdles" for example, coming up first is Cagebirds to an audience this Thursday, for which I will obviously have to know my lines. Then on Friday, is our Politics mock. Which i've decided i'm doing revision for tomorrow afternoon.
Then thank fuck, it's study leave.
However, I just KNOW work are going to be a right pain in the arse about me having time off for revision (I really didn't want to take time off, it's just the rehearsals I have to juggle)
To top things off, I have my driving test in June. But that really is some times away.
Then I have to deal with all the mundane things, like gymming soon so I can be nice & thin in time for my holiday.. working more, because I REALLY need the cash... oh Jesus Christ, the list goes on.

Sorry, really needed to vent.


  1. Ahhh, everyone needs a good old vent from time to time :)
    Eurgh, don't mention the R word! Got a Russian oral tomorrow (thankfully "only" GCSE) and I do not feel prepared in any way at all :/ And my driving test is next week! ARGH! Why did I book it in the last week of school???
    Good luck with your drama piece!!


  2. Russian Oral!?
    Good luck! I barely scraped my French GCSE! Let alone Russian!
    & good luck with the drivin :) Hopefully we won't kill anyone anytime soon on the road!