Sunday, 25 April 2010

Fairly Uninspiring.

First ever outfit post. It's poorly shot, and frankly not exactly inspiring. However, it was done quickly before I went out (all be it just popping to Starbucks) PLUS I have no yet plucked up the courage to wonder around the streets taking photos of myself.
But yes, first outfit post. Wowzas.

I had the best night last night. I actually got into a club! Despite being dressed in long socks, shorts and a t-shirt. We were playing pub gold.. never would I actually have gone out like that! We did get turned away from quite a few pubs.. lacking ID isn't a great idea when you go out. Then again ours would have obviously showed we were 17... which again would have been pretty pointless! But hey, it was fun while it lasted :) No photos though, which is a shame.. next time eh :)

Oh, and for anyone who cares.. shirts & top from Topshop, leggings from Next.

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